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The Platform

UNITED WE STAND! David Jones for House of Representatives District 75

 As we appear to be more polarized than ever, let us not forget that here in Charlotte county we all pledge allegiance to the same flag under God  regardless of party.  As we begin discussions  with our neighbors we should start with issues on which we have almost total agreement such as: Environmental issues, Pharmaceutical costs, Veterans,  Seniors, Children and Grandchildren,  Family,  Social  Security,  Medicare  without  supplemental insurance, First  Responders, strong  schools to increase housing values,  fair  wages to all private sector workers, wages to all public workers that reflect the fact we are now the third largest state by population and improve all of our resident’s  quality of life.  
While we are talking with our neighbors about these easy to agree on issues we should check with the Florida division of elections to make sure our representatives such as  Michael Grant and Joe Gruters...are not taking money from political committees such as Mosaic‘s  and  Bristol-Myers  Squibb‘s  ...that may be counter to our agreements as voters. Fairness and justice for all.

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